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Badcop: Oh, hello, Mommy. What are you doing here?
MaCop: Hello, dear. Look what I found clearing out the closets.

Badcop: …! I- is this… It can’t be.
MaCop: It can. I kept it all the years.

MaCop: You have grown so much. But I could never get myself to get rid of your blankie.

((ok enough baby for now))

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oh gosh here's a prompt, it's not too much. skyfire/starscream, intercrural sex. basically spike in between thighs. i don't mind who does the deed to who. thank you!!
kingeridan asked


*Drops this and then slinks back into the shadows to write more*

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Vehicons/Soundwave Part 1/2 (Link to Part 2)

WARNING for noncon and Soundwave whump.

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I seriously love this gif its so adorable spy just shaking his head over scout who cant get out of the chair i just….

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Spy x Scout x Sniper

By: Me, TheBestVariety a.k.a. iNoLuNA_

I enjoy making TF2 GMV’s. They’re all I’ve been obsessed with doing, really. lol. I hope you enjoyed this!

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i want something like this to happen to gcbc

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Ma Cop: Can’t sleep again, dear?
GC: Yeah. I will just go on a round.
Ma Cop: Okay. But keep safe, ok?
GC: of course, mommy.

Don’t worry mommy. It wont take me long.
I just have some

u̫n̟̣̱̥fi͙ͅn͚is͙̤͚̲h͓e̱̟͙̖d̹̳͍͕̤ ̙B̩͖͕̺̥͓̪u̹̱̰̙͚̙̩s̻͖͇̖̻͇̩i̻̦͓n̘͚͍͎͔̫e̦̬̙̳̣s̯̘s̳̼

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The-Once-ler-in-Superjail's introduction (1/3)


[So i decided i’d give you a quick introduction of how the story started, and then begin on the comic/RP stuff :3 Enjoy! 8D ]

Once-ler: *He stands looking out of a window in his office, looking down at the cutters chopping the trees to the floor. There is a sick smirk on his face as he…